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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Drive North

As we headed northward again, we chose to take the Redwood/Coast Highway for three days.

Along the way, we drove through groves of Redwood:


Stopped a couple of times to enjoy the ocean again:


Even though the days were dull, it was still great to be at sea-side with the sounds and sights and smells.

One stop we watched a couple of whales at play:013

It was really hard to get a good picture, first because they were so far out, and then because they just seemed to bob up and down.

We also noticed the birds on the rocks:020

We camped near the Redwood Parks, and took a drive around.  Oh, those trees, they ARE magnificent:


And then we found ‘The Big Tree’, over 1500 years old, it stands over 300 feet high and is 21+ feet in diameter.  Now that’s BIG:043044045

Also here is an elk preserve, and we found a small number of what is reported to be a herd of over 300:051058064

As we came into Oregon, the sand dunes glistened in the sun (yes, the sun eventually came back – with a vengeance I might add.  We went to sleep with an extra blanket one night, to wake up to 20 degrees C/50 degrees F, and the day just got hotter.)


From Florence, OR northward, we were in familiar territory, having visited here just three years ago, and our conversation went a lot like this:

‘Oh, we’ve been there’

‘That’s where we stopped for lunch’

‘I remember that’

‘Now that’s new’

It was almost like being ‘home’ again.

And today we will arrive home, to our DD and DSIL there for a short visit.  They may even be there already, as they planned to drive through the night last night.

It’s been a great road trip, hope you’ve all enjoyed the scenery and tours along our way.             Blessings, Peg


  1. Now you are in some of our favorite areas - we loved the big trees when we lived down there. One time we took an exit off the freeway near Redwood Park and there was a herd of elk, slowly crossing in front of us. They are mammoth and we were in a VW Bug - so we just waited for them to pass by - no sense in annoying a moose with a bug.

  2. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Those trees would be even bigger now!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I would like to be able to see whales!

  4. Oh, those trees are magnificent. I hope you hugged one for me!