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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wineries III

On our second last day, we booked a tour, and Jonathan took us around to some of his favorite wineries in his Wine-a-bay-go.


How very relaxing!  And we learned some more about the grapes and the vines – did you know that Zinfandel vines life-span is about 100 years, with peak production at about 50-60 years, where most vines’ life-span is only about 40 years.

Three wineries at one stop, one of which included tasting of olive oils and vinegars:

198194.Papapietro Perry195.Kokomo

Then on to DeLorimier:


Hanna’s building had a distinctly oriental flavor, but their wines were pure California:


Last stop Stone Creek.  By this time we were tasted-out.  The gardens were a delight in front of a rather utilitarian (but huge) winery building:206.Stone Street207209

Our host took us back outside to see the view of 5400 acres of hillside owned and cultivated by this winery:


As you can see it was a misty, cloudy day, but that didn’t detract from our enjoyment of just being all together and experiencing California wine country.

This is the last of the wineries – a little more to share in the next couple of posts about other California adventures.

Now time to let Grizz have the computer and catch up on the news, while I get myself ready to face the day.  It’s raining here now, apparently very unusual for June in California, but we’re doing some last sight-seeing before we’re homeward bound.

Speaking of home – not our home, but our kids’ in Alberta – the High River family is still with the Calgary family. The vet clinic owned by our DDIL2 and DS1 in High River has posted that they’ll get back up and running as soon as possible, and given alternative vets for their clients to phone if they’re in need in the meantime. So if you know of anybody in that area needing a vet, they can check out Highview Animal Clinic on FB. Everybody’s still safe, and just playing the waiting game until they get the green light to return home, or at least to get there to assess the damage. We’re feeling a little anxious to get out there to help them, but right now roads are still closed, and rain is still falling, and mud is still sliding – we just have to give it time.

Oh, and all my followers and blog-buddies – I’m not neglecting you all.  I am getting and reading your comments, just not enough hours in the day to reply.  And I am skimming quickly through your blog posts, trying to keep up, but not doing a great job of it.  I’ll get better caught up when we’re home again. and try to write you all a note or two.

Happy tasting and touring!          Blessings, Peg


  1. i have been busy sewing up a storm for those affected by the floods. Let me know if there is something I can do for your kids. You know something a mom would do for them if she was here.

  2. (Commenting on all 3 Winery posts) Sounds like a blast. One of these days, I'm going to hit the wineries in the Okanagan.