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Saturday, June 22, 2013

You Know You’re in California….

When you see:

Palm trees




Olive groves



And people have orange trees in their backyards:


In this northern part of CA, there are not a lot of palms or cacti, and the ones we did see were glimpses as we flew down the highway.  Same with the olive groves – funny how there were none around when we had a chance to stop – but eventually there were a few in places where we were.  But not the olive groves, at least not yet, so that picture is from the internet.  The vineyards were in abundance, and we could hardly wait to get onto doing the winery tours!  The orange tree is actually in the back yard of our friends’ son’s house – going to be fabulous to eat fresh oranges!

But first we said good-bye to our traveling companions B & V006, as they went on to visit their friends in Sacramento, and we headed for Healdsburg to join other friends.

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve been here a few days, busy ones, with little time to sort through the pictures and get thoughts and impressions written out.

As we headed west from I-5 the terrain got more mountainous, and we marvelled at the dryness of the grass, with green trees contrasting (except of course for the occasional old dead one):009

Kaaren of the GPS told us to turn left, so we did.  Oops!  Turned out to be, well, not a bad decision but certainly a challenging one.  The road we were on twisted and turned and snaked and switched back up and up and up, then twisted and turned and snaked and switched back down and down and down.  Close to the top, we had a chance to pull over and look where we’d been:


Pretty, but whew – that was one narrow road.  Kind of reminded us of our trip to Bella Coola a few years ago.  And then we got to the bottom on the other side – where a sign said towing units longer than 39 feet were prohibited.  Ummmm…..we’re definitely longer than that!  Sure wish we’d known before making that turn.

But we made it and headed down the coast highway toward our campground, where we encountered another narrow, twisting road.  About the time we began to wonder if our campground even existed, we saw this:


Only another mile or so along the road, and we arrived!  Almost kissed the ground!

Happy challenges!          Blessings, Peg


  1. It looks so warm and sunny. Nice here too!

  2. We honeymooned in northern California ... didn't have nearly enough time to see/do everything we wanted to. We dream of returning ... in the meantime, I'll just visit vicariously through you. ;-)

  3. I love that sign! And aren't GPS's fun? At least you didn't get stuck in the mud with no cell services on a closed logging road 17K from town and a brown bear as your only walking companion! (As did a friend of mine.)