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Saturday, July 13, 2013


We spent several days cleaning out our garage, and decided we needed to be rewarded for all our efforts – so we went for a few days’ camping.  Not far from home, but to a campground new to us.

While there, we did a couple of day trips, to places we’d visited before but not for many years.

First to Manning Provincial Park, and up to the Alpine Meadows.  It’s hard to believe, in the chill up there, that anything can grow, let alone these delicate little flowers that bloom only for a short time in July:PicMonkey Collage

From the viewpoint, we looked down on the Lodge and reminisced about the days we visited here when my brother and sister lived and worked for the Park, and camping here with my parents and our young children:Viewpoint

Then to Lightening Lake for a picnic lunch that we picked up at the Lodge:


The next day we drove to the Hope Slide Memorial:


Nearly 50 years, and there are still signs of the destruction of the rock and mud:


As the sign says, four people lost their lives in the slide, having stopped because of a small avalanche.  When we were younger we were told of a bus that had just passed through the area, narrowly missing being caught in the slide, but I could find no mention of this on the internet of today.  But here are some facts that I did find:

Damage Caused by the Hope Slide

  • Approximately 60 million cubic yards of rock, snow, mud and trees tumbled 6000 feet into the valley below.
  • Outram Lake, located at the bottom of Johnson Peak was totally obliterated. When the landslide hit the lake, it forced the debris up the slope of the mountain on the opposite side of the valley, then back down to the valley and up Johnson Peak again (a sloshing effect).
  • Two miles of highway was covered.
  • The depth of debris in the valley floor was 200 feet.

Four people who were stopped by the snow slide were waiting for the highway crew to clear it out. They were buried by the landslide. Rescue crews only found two of the four people. The other two victims and their cars remain buried in the rock.

The Hope Slide Today

  • The rocks were too deep to move so the highway was rerouted south and now skirts along the edge of the debris in the valley.
  • The bare rock in Johnson Peak is visible from the highway and even more apparent when flying over the site on a plane. There is lay-by on Highway #3 (Hope – Princeton Highway) where travelers can stop, look at the site of the Hope Slide and read the commemorative plaque.

The two miles of obliterated highway was ‘temporarily’ rerouted, which has become the only highway through the area that most people know, or remember.

It was a lovely relaxing few days, prepping us for a living room paint job to come!

Happy camping!              Blessings, Peg


  1. We were just at Manning as well. It is a beautiful spot to spend a little play time at. Thanks for the great pics!

  2. Mother Nature can really change the course of our lives easily.

  3. Sounds like a great little get-away. That sign about the slide was so interesting. I'm glad you could get away for a couple days.

  4. Let's try this again - it said I was "reset" the first time. Great photos. That sign about the slide was amazing. Glad you could get away for a couple days.

  5. A nice reward for your work in the garage. Our garage needs cleaning out ... maybe if I plan a nice reward for us, we'll get to it?

    Those Alpine Meadows flowers are so dainty, so gorgeous.

  6. I remember canoeing on Lightning Lake! And the frogs on the shore that Mom and Dad made me walk through to go swimming. Gross! LOL The Hope Slide never fails to give me shivers when I drive over it. Thought it's been some years, the sensation of awe and trepidation feels just as real even just thinking about it.