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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Get-a-way Part I

Here in the Fraser Valley of BC, we don’t have to go far to get away to a spot that feels like it’s far, far from the madding world.

We decided to head for an RV park near White Rock for a few days, and we feel like we’re in Eden.

The gardens here are glorious:


And there’s in indoor lounge that makes me feel like I’m in somebody’s mansion:


The sites are surrounded by tall, tall trees that afford shade almost all day, and everything here is neat and tidy.

It’s been a wonderful couple of days, including a trip to visit White Rock and Semiahmoo Bay.  The plan was to walk on the beach, and we had to hunt to find the dog area, but find it we did.

Sadie wasn’t terribly impressed with the water:


But we all had a bit of a paddle, and enjoyed the scenery:001003004006

Across the street from the beach, some of the houses have palm trees growing in the front yard – what better way to feel like we’re nowhere near home:


And at this house, I had to look twice to decide who was watching the harbor:


These folk mannequins have a perfect, uninterrupted view of the people on the beach, the swimmers and surfers and boats out on the water, the US coast a bit in the distance.  Nice to know somebody’s watching!

On our way back to the campground, we took a different route, and stumbled across Historical Stewart Farm at Elgin Historical Park.  The 1894 farmhouse held its usual delights inside and out (no pictures inside as it’s a museum):


My favorite, of course, was the antique Courthouse Steps, or Steps to the Altar, quilt that I spied in one of the bedrooms.

A pumpkin gave a bright spot of color against the compost boxes:


And the pole barn was full of machinery:


Next to the farm yard, and on a path to a marina, is a shed with an old oyster boat, and descriptions of the history of fishing in BC:


More on our get-away tomorrow.    Happy times!         Blessings, Peg


  1. Thanks for another great sight seeing tour. Beautiful area. How smart to find place close to home. Sometimes it is a bother to have to pack and then travel to a far away place. Blessings to you and family.

  2. We were picnicking at Blaine down at the Marina on Friday night - we could look across the bay at White Rock - so near, yet so far.

  3. Imagine that! Palm trees in BC! Sort of goes with the giant beetles, snakes and American eagles we are getting up here now.