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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Get-a-way Part II

On our second full day near White Rock, we decided to go on a treasure hunt.  Some time ago, we got a geo-caching GPS, but for some reason we haven’t done any searching for a while.  The weather wasn’t too hot, so it seemed like a good idea to see what we could find.

After reviewing how the GPS works, and re-connecting with the geo-caching web-site, then downloading a few caches for which to search, we set out.

We selected six caches to try to find.  Of those six, we found ‘ground zero’ on five of them.  But we didn’t find five caches!  Not sure what we do wrong, but we don’t have as much success with geo-caching as we’d like.  But it was a nice day out regardless.

The first cache was supposed to be at a Park and Pool just down the road from our campground.  Well, we couldn’t find it – actually ‘ground zero appeared to be in the middle of the road - so the best we could do was take a picture of the sign:


Then we went on to a riverside trail, where we followed the GPS to three different caches.  The first one led us first through some bushes:


to come out on another section of the path on the other side, only to be led into more trees and bushes:


‘Ground zero’ was right beside these trees:038

But the cache itself was about 3-4 meters away, a microcache that wasn’t terribly easy to spot:



Actually we had to visit this area twice to find it.

The second cache was tucked in some rocks, right at ‘ground zero’:


We were very careful to put it back exactly where we found it before heading for cache # 4.  Here Grizz climbed down the rocks to search underneath the brambles.  He was right at ‘ground zero’, but no luck:050

Number 5 was further along the same trail, so we discovered after we followed the GPS to a parking lot.  Here the clue said to look in the rocks behind the bench (the bench was ‘ground zero’), but it was nowhere to be seen by us.

Number 6 was along another trail, not a terribly long walk, said to be near a bench.  We found ‘ground zero’, but there didn’t appear to be any place that a cache could be hidden within a few meters of that spot. 

By this time we were tired, and it was time to feed Sadie, so we headed home. 

Our afternoon out was worth it just for the fresh air and the scenery along the river was lovely:


Happy treasure hunts!           Blessings, Peg


  1. What a wonderful time - even if you didn't find all the treasures. The scenery is fabulous - love the seagull and heron - and the little tug boat apparently made into a comfy place to enjoy the river - so adorable - gorgeous photos. I'm glad you all had a good time. We saw some geo-cachers out at Bay View State Park one time - two older couples - they hunted and hunted and walked down the beach and hunted, all the while I could see the cache right beside a log. With some hints they found it - and were off to their next spot.

    I'd like to do some geocaching - but my walking is still wobbly, even with trekking poles, from the nerve damage when the neurosurgeon had to drill into my spinal cord - but it is improving - maybe some day.

  2. What fun...we haven't geocached for some time... It is so much fun even when you don't find it...and my favourites are the big ones:))

  3. You need to go geocaching with Bizz. She's a master at it now! She has created about a dozen or so caches herself - some of them are very, very tricky!

  4. Geo-caching seems to be gaining in popularity all the time. Must be frustrating to be where you are supposed to be but at least you got out and about to enjoy the lovely areas.
    Love that photo of the old boat.