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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Repurposed–and Revealed (at last)

Over the long weekend, Grizz and I went on our annual camping trip with his brother and sister and their spouses.  Sometimes on these trips some of our children are able to join us at least for some of the time, but not this year.  We chose to spend the weekend in Anacortes WA, by the ocean.  It was a great weekend, almost perfect weather, and fabulous family time.

These two are (one already has) celebrating 60th birthdays this year,


and we wanted to honor them especially while we were together.

Last year, there was a plan for a family wedding, and the other sis-in-law and I started a quilt for the couple.  Unfortunately, their plans changed, before the quilt was finished, and all was laid aside with no idea what to do with it – and then this sis-in-law said she liked the quilt and would like to buy it.  Well, then we two quilters thought it would be nice to give it to the two of them for their special birthday.  So more sewing and scheming (and secret get-togethers) happened, and off to the quilter it went.

The result:



For the quilters out there, the pattern is called Wedding Ring, and it was quilted by Quilted Cats in Rosedale, BC, using Chevron Feathers panto:




We were able to make pillow covers to match:


on which we wrote Happy Birthday greetings to each of them on the back of their own pillow.

My co-quilter used her terrific artistic talent and made a special label (last names are blanked out to protect the innocent LOL):


This is the picture we took after we finished the pillow covers, before the binding was done:


The recipients were pleased, and we hope they have many years ahead of them to use it!

Happy birthday!              Blessings, Peg


  1. Very pretty, Peg! I like the sage green border - it adds a nice contrast.

  2. the quilt and pillows turned out beautifully! You and S did a marvelous job, and I love the label! - I see someone is really enjoying her pen and ink techniques!

  3. It's beautiful Peg! They look so thrilled. We have a wedding coming up as of yesterday : )

  4. The quilt turned out absolutely lovely! I bet they were thrilled to receive it.

  5. What a lovely thing to do - and a lovely quilt. When you get back to blogging you really get back. Enjoyed all the posts.

  6. Were you at Fidalgo Bay Resort? That is where we stayed on vacation - we absolutely love it there.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! Blue and white. Lots of triangles. Gorgeous quilting. What's NOT to love? ha!