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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Must be Fall

When the quilt shows start to abound.  There were two in our area this past weekend, and my Sis-in-law joined me.  Here’s a sampling of what we saw:














This little biker was embarrassed to be seen at a quilt show, even with a Harley quilt:


There were lots of Jelly Roll 1600 (Race) quilts this year.  I overheard somebody recently say that they knew of a quilter who built one of these tops in 45 minutes.  Have you done one?  What is your fastest time?  I’ve done a couple – took me about 1.5 hours if I remember correctly.


At the local yarn and needlework shop display, they had their own version of a patchwork quilt.  I wanted the pattern, but it only came with a kit, so I took a closer look.  It’s literally knitted squares, sewn together, placed on point.  I think I can even do that!!!!  Just might need a lesson from my knitter sister how to make the set-in triangles on the edges. 


But if you need any further proof that fall has arrived, just take a look at the colors around.  This is the tree in our front yard:022

The colors are much more rich in real than they show in this picture, and make me want a quilt in that color.

Happy inspiration!             Blessings, Peg


  1. Tom and I just retrieved all our quilts out for the winter. So much better than a blanket. Those are truly works of art. One in autumn colors would be so cozy. So glad you are still blogging. I seem to miss those who have gone on Facebook, You always show up on my blog favorites when there is a new post. Good deal.

  2. What a wonderful collection of quilts, all so different.

  3. Oooh, I'm fighting the urge to go buy fabrics in the rich, lovely fall colors! ;-)

  4. Very nice... I just read the Quilters Apprentice...loved the book...and made me REALLY want to quilt:)

  5. Entrelac isn't difficult, but it is tedious. I can show you how to do it. It's not my favourite technique. That black and orange (jelly roll, did you call it?) quilt is amazing.