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Thursday, October 24, 2013


You’ve heard of writer’s block, well, I seem to have quilter’s block.  For some reason I just can’t settle on fabrics and a pattern for a baby quilt that needs to be done before Christmas.  I’ve searched web-sites, wandered through fabric stores, pulled fabrics from my stash – and put them back.  Not sure why this is such a struggle!

In the meantime, no other quilting is getting done either, I’m completely obsessed with this one quilt, none of the others matter.

And there’s a pile of quilts needing binding waiting for me.001

And there are a few projects in bins waiting for me.


Any ideas out there?  Got any inspiration?

Happy helpers!              Blessings, Peg


  1. As a teacher, I favor "I Spy" quilts for babies and toddlers because of their numerous ways to use as a learning tool....language development (vocabulary), visual perception and acuity, phonemic awareness, basic skills with colors and shapes. I don't like cluttered I Spy quilts, though...I think small children need negative space to rest their eyes so the brain can process.

  2. Maybe a nice walk in the woods - or a cup of hot tea - or, I don't know, it seems to happen and then goes away - hope it leaves soon.

  3. Oh dear! Quilters block is hard. You either have to give up and walk away for a while, or do the opposite and immerse yourself in ideas and books on quilting. Good luck!

  4. Make a scrappy string quilt. That way you can use up your scraps and don't have to commit to a colourway. You can just mindlessly sew random strips onto backing squares. Then you can hand-tie it when you are done and it will be marvelously snugly and old-fashioned. The baby will love it.

  5. Perhaps Moda Bake Shop would give you ideas ; )

  6. Ha! Quilter's block! That's "punny". Sounds like you're pressuring yourself. That is never conducive to good creative energetic flow. The right idea will come when the right time has come. And it will be beautiful.

  7. I think your quilter's block is catching ...