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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday’s ‘Musement

When did being polite become the butt of jokes?

This was on FB a few days ago:

I was always told to be polite, especially to my elders.  My father always opened doors for ladies, got the car door for my mother, walked on the outside of the sidewalk.  My mother always said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  We were always told to share whatever we had with whoever else was around – toys, food, space on the couch.  My sister and I even had to help with the dishes at my cousins’ house when we arrived after dinner and they were still cleaning up. 

What’s wrong with that? 

Is it just me, or is our world getting less considerate and more selfish all the time?

And why is it that if you are polite, you must be Canadian, and that’s a slur?  I say, let’s be polite, and let’s be proud to be a polite Canadian.  And if other nationalities are polite, and mistaken for a Canadian – well, then, welcome to the club!

Just my humble opinion!            Blessings, Peg


  1. Totally agree. When we visited Canada we found everyone to be so polite and courteous (far more so than the British in general.)

  2. I agree, but I don't think we've gotten less polite. I've noticed, especially as I get (ahem) older, that people are more inclined to open doors, give me their seat or let me off elevators first. I also remember shopping with my mother in law when she was quite elderly, and the sales staff and other shoppers were always exceptionally patient with her.

    But, as we get more multicultural, we may think people are lacking manners, when, in fact, their manners are different from ours.

    Having said that, I have noticed that we Canadians seem to be the brunt of many jokes lately by American media-types about being polite. It seems that that is all they know about us - that and the fact that they think we say aboot.

  3. Agreed. people are less polite and polite is definitely a slur. maybe someday I'll be mistaken for a Canadian.

  4. A shame that politeness is the butt of jokes ... and that it's so uncommon these days that only Canadians are known to be polite. Ahhh that we should all be mistaken as Canadian.

  5. I agree with you 100%. I work in a college and I notice that the younger people are not nearly as polite as the older people - I am not making a generational slur, this is my observation from daily life. Students under 30 almost never say "excuse me" or "please" or "thank you." For example, just moments ago a student came into my office and interrupted me with a mumbled request. I said "excuse me?" because I hadn't understood what she said. She repeated, "can I have a pencil" and when I handed it to her, she turned her back and walked away with it. This is typical behaviour on a daily basis. It makes me very sad.

  6. Excuse me, but please keep observing and thank you for noticing politeness. Hmmm...yup...I'm Canadian alright and proud to be a part of Generation Polite!