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Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday’s ‘Musement

?Where do you want me to go?

funny street names

Can you just imagine asking directions and being told ‘drive down That St, make a left at This St until you come to The Other St and turn left again.  It’ll bring you right back to That St.  Oh, but if you’re wanting to go to the post office, you won’t find it on Post Office Rd, it’s over on Keizer St.’

How cool is that?  Why bother thinking up names for streets!  This would work, wouldn’t it!

This is apparently a map of a little town in NS called Porter’s Lake.  We’ve never been there, but now I want to go, just to see for myself!  We have been to NS, twice, and thoroughly enjoyed the people and their culture, their ‘accent’, their sense of humor.  And I’m sure it was a hilarious day in council when they decided on the names of these streets!

When we were in Washington state one time, camping, we were doing some exploring around Port Townsend and came across Egg and I Rd.  I knew immediately this was the area where Betty MacDonald and her first husband had farmed in the late 1920’s.  Her books were so very popular for many, many years and eventually spawned the Ma and Pa Kettle movies.

What is the most unique road name, or town name that you’ve come across in your travels?  I’ll be sure to share your replies in another post.

Happy travels!                Blessings, Peg


  1. My favourite local road is called Meanwhile Rd. It's near Topley at the bottom of Six Mile Hill.

  2. Many, many years ago I visited Dog Pound, Alberta. I can't remember who we saw or why we were there but I do remember the name!

  3. Well these aren't odd names - but we lived at the corner or Northwest and West North streets - how is that for confusing? We also lived on East Road one time - and it ran north and south.

  4. How about Hawkins Pickles Road in the Fraser Valley just outside of Hatzic Lake. Then of course there's Puddle Duck Lane which is somewhere in Nova Scotia I heard.