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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

And not a ‘C’ in sight…..

Why is spelling so hard?  Why can’t the spelling rules apply always, not just sometimes?  Why can’t words spelled the same way, sound the same?

I was always a good speller (even won spelling bees), and still am, most of the time, but there are some words that stump me regularly

  • vaccuum – oops, got that wrong, only 1 ‘c’ but two ‘u’s – does that make any sense?
  • nemonic – wrong, there’s a silent ‘m’ at the beginning
  • read – ummm….is that ‘reed’ or ‘red’, all in the context, but couldn’t somebody have come up with a different word?

And then there’s grammar, much of which has to do with how a word is spelt (spelled?) 

  • there, their or they’re – each has its own meaning and obviously its own spelling
  • its or it’s – the first is possessive, the second a contraction.  And why, when every other possessive has an apostrophe, isn’t there an apostrophe when we say something belongs to it

I could go on, but won’t.  This little quote made me smile, just because for whatever reason English is such a difficult language to spell, at least that’s what I’ve been told.  And the little bit of spelling of other languages that I’ve learned seems to uphold the truth of that.  And yet, English is the universal language – have to wonder why it was chosen when it’s so difficult to learn the spelling.

But when I read a book, magazine, newspaper, or sign, and see words misused and/or misspelled, I get downright annoyed!  Really – in this computer age is there any excuse?  And I have to assume that magazine and newspaper writers are educated, as are the editors of books, so shouldn’t they know how to spell!  And if spelling is difficult for them, as I know it is for many, maybe they should find good spellers and grammarians to double check their work before putting it out there for the public.  After all, if our children don’t read good grammar and correct spelling, why should they be expected to learn good grammar and correct spelling, and how can they?

I’m sure that I’ll have made some grammar errors in this missive, please excuse me if I have.  But I know that the words are spelt correctly – after all Spellcheck told me so!

Here’s to spelling bees!                    Blessings, Peg


  1. If you are English then words are sometimes spelt differently from American words! What happened to all the letter 'u'??!

  2. I'm with you on the spelling - it needs to improve. Or we should all go to speaking Spanish - every letter sounds exactly the same every time - no guessing - no rules - it might be the perfect language. It certainly would make spelling easier.

    I'm also appalled by misquotes - one of my favorites was "next store neighbor" . Have they never read a book, and I suspect this lady had, as she was an attorney.

  3. Oh, I do agree. Well said!

  4. Hi Peg, well said. I can usually write around the words I'm not sure about (although spell check is my friend!) but how can you not use the word "read"!!! Someone messed up with that one!

  5. Yup! Spelling is not what it used to be "back in the good old days", but then don't get me started on the grammatical difference between "then" and "than". Love the post, Peg!

  6. Hello Peg! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post :) I think my biggest pet peeve is the word 'your' and 'you're.' I am amazed at how many times people will use the word 'your' when it should be you're. Anyway...I found your charming blog via the 'Grow Your Blog' event and am a happy new follower :) Hugs to you!

  7. oh so true and then there are the common phrases spoken by some that drive me a bit crazy 'yous guys' 'your guys'es' 'these ones' to name a few.

  8. I'm with you. A misspelled word just jumps out at me - and misplaced hyphens drive me nuts! However, I have to tell you that I work with people who are doing their own court applications - so they have to write out their "story" on the court forms, and I am absolutely appalled at the low levels of literacy in this country. People who are born and educated here can't write a complete sentence and can't spell simple words. Something's wrong when you see that. And, now I'm noticing that some people don't know how to address an envelope! Is that a lost art now??

  9. I'm cheering along with this post! Yes, English is difficult to spell - I taught English as a foreign language and I've learnt 5 languages myself, most of them are phonetic and, with the exception of Japanese, easier to spell than in English! The grammar errors annoy me greatly. One is see all the time on blogs is photo's. It really gets me that people don't know when to use an apostrophe s, it's really, really easy!