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Monday, March 10, 2014

Is It Here–Is It Really Here??


It’s a few days yet before the actual first day of spring, but we’re certainly starting to see the signs.

There’s some green on trees, there’s an occasional crocus, and Mr. Robin came to visit a few days ago:


We’ve even seen a small bird in our bird bath (but too slow getting the camera out).  And nearby a pair of eagles are back in their nest, but the nest is in a place where we can only see it as we cross a bridge, so no place to stop for a picture.

I know I’ve been very remiss in keeping you all up to date with life and times round and about.  Sorry about that, but not actually accomplishing much of anything.  I spend all my time day-dreaming about the grandchildren that we’re going to greet in the not-too-distant future.

#1 is due in late May, but we expect to see her almost anytime now.  DD has been on restricted activity for the last couple of months, and the wee one every so often threatens to join us.  I spent most of February in Calgary with them, all is much more stable now, and actually she’s safe to be born, but we’d all like her to do a little more growing first.

#2 is due in October to DS1 and his lovely wife, who is experiencing the worst of the morning sickness (all day!!) right now.  Because of a couple of previous losses, an early US was done and all indications are good.  They’ll be under obstetrician care, which makes us all happy!

So, you’d think I’d be quilting and sewing up a storm, but I’m not!  Lots of plans, but for some reason I just can’t get motivated.  So this is what’s sitting around my sewing space:

A quilt on the machine that is being quilted, slowly, oh, so very slowly:DSCN0245

Fabrics for a diaper bag:DSCN0243

Fabrics for a baby quilt (need a few more colors for this one):


DD’s MIL has just returned from Calgary, and brought over the fabrics they were able to choose for the baby room, and we have some dates now set aside to sew crib sheets, change table covers, pillow cover, sleeping cozies.  All good practice for the same kind of sewing that I’ll do for baby #2.  But this will all wait a couple of weeks.

First, we’re headed to Alberta for a week to visit the kids, and take a few things to them (after I get down to the basement and dig through some boxes – UGH!).

Then shortly after we get home, Grizz is scheduled to have his second total knee replacement surgery.  All the prep work has been done, so he’s good to go.

Back in January, I joined Thea at California Dreamin’ in a pledge to start a new quilt each month, and I personally pledged to finish one each month (not necessarily the one that was started).  Well…..that hasn’t happened.  But once we’re home from this trip, I’ll start fresh with the pledge and get going.  I’m sure once I get started, I’ll be hooked again, and unable to resist the call of the sewing machine!  Maybe I’ve been waiting for spring!

Happy that spring is almost here, happy to being almost a Nan, happy to know the little ones and their mothers are getting such good care, happy to be able to get out and see them all.

Wishing you all just as much happiness!           Blessings, Peg


  1. today it sure feels like spring! I'm heading back out there to enjoy some more. Exciting times for you! Hope everyone stays healthy and arrives at the most perfect moment!

  2. I think that motivation goes out of the window when you are stressed or worrying about other things. You will be so very glad to have this baby safely arrived.

  3. Such excitement at your house. I just can't wait to see the pictures of the lovely things you make for the babies. I'm glad the wee one is safe now - but a little longer would be better too.

  4. I just love the promise of spring!

  5. I was outside at DD's yesterday and saw some landscaping plants just breaking through the mulch ... I was so excited. We even had spring-like weather yesterday with more being forecast for today ... with a return of winter tomorrow (accumulating snow ... thankfully it'll warm back up to normal on Thursday, so the snow shouldn't hang around too long). What an exciting time as you wait for your little ones ... I remember those exciting days. ;-)

    Good luck on your pledge!

  6. So glad to hear your daughters baby has kept safe and sound and will soon be born, will pray for your sons baby to keep safe too. Yes Spring seems to be arriving here in the UK too...cant wait!

  7. Happy happy! Spring is sprung here, too! :)

  8. I love that Spring is almost here. And Beautiful blossoms will be coming out. Soon to be filled will a rainbow of colors and bursting chirps of baby birds and new life all around. And as i read your message as well. I see an added member of the family. Wish all well

  9. How exciting for your family. Best of luck for all the new babes and moms. I think it is amazing that you are making all the stuff for the nursery. A great gift.
    My eldest was given a little quilted blanket with a raccoon in overalls on it, front view and back view, when he was born and I have been looking for years for the same panels to make him a new blanket. He turned 31 on Sunday lol.
    Your inspiration will come and I'll bet you will sew up a mountain of things. You always are so busy.