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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Finish and Baby Sewing

which was also my April Start


Baby Gracie’s quilt – design and color-way selected by DD.  The fabrics in rows 3 and 6 (from the top) are already used in the baby room, so some coordination happening here.

18.Baby room

The room is all decorated, furnished, supplied and just waiting now for Gracie to appear.  Just a few weeks to go!  Gracie is not her name (we don’t know that yet), but will be the name I’ll use for her on my blog. 

I quilted daisies into the corner posts and the crosses:


Kind of softens the angles, I think.

And sewing has begun for baby Peanut (DS1 and DDIL2), due in October.  First up – diapers, 3 dozen are on the go right now.  Then plans to sew receiving blankets, burp cloths, nursing pads, take-along change pads, changing-pad covers (see the chevron fabric on the right in Gracie’s room), crib sheets, diaper bag, sleep sacks, car-seat snuggies (Gracie will need one of these too in the fall). 

It’s an adventure – and so good to keep busy while we’re waiting so the time goes by faster!

Happy baby sewing!                Blessings, Peg


  1. I love the quilt and the pretty daisy quilting! I just realized this weekend that I have to make two baby quilts - one for one nephew and his wife whose baby is due in about two weeks, the other for another nephew and his girlfriend who are having a boy in September. They live in the states and they had a gender reveal party last week. My s-i-l posted about it on Facebook. Everyone had to dress in the colour they thought the baby's sex was. Then the filling in the cake revealed the baby's gender.

  2. So exciting. Your quilt is just lovely. What a pretty room too!

  3. Gracie's quilt is adorable! Yay on the finish! You have a lot to do for Peanut's arrival ... you will definitely be busy! I'm not very patient, so keeping busy helps me not to be so restless as I wait.

  4. Busy is right! Seems to me you are busier than the parents : ) How fun.
    Enjoy that sewing

  5. very pretty finish for April, Peg. Soft and cozy and snuggly just like little Gracie will be!