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Saturday, April 19, 2014

It Was Just a Dream

I toiled up the hill on my bicycle, working my way around teenagers lolling on the curb with their legs and feet blocking the bike lane, and around the horde of moms and kids that were coming the other direction.  Destination – the hotel at the top of the hill.

When I got there, it was the hotel of my dreams – luxurious, crystal chandeliers, a lounge for reading or chatting, velvet and leather everywhere, Persian rugs.  And it was busy – staff and guests busily moving around, everybody with an apparent purpose.

I approached the registration desk and met Margaret, a delightful customer service rep who had my reservation all ready, and proceeded with the check-in process and then asked for my credit card.  I handed her my Visa, and she swiped it through the machine and handed it back.

Then Jerry the bell-hop was at my side, and just as I asked Margaret a question, he said he’d take care of that right away and off he went, coming back a few minutes later and handing me my Visa card.  I hadn’t realized he’d even taken it, and wondered what he’d been doing with it.  I had to ask him to give me some privacy with Margaret as he seemed to be crowded right against my elbow, and when he left, I asked if we could reverse the charge on my Visa and put the charge on another card, as I was uncomfortable with what Jerry had done with my Visa and wanted to cancel it as soon as I got to my room.

Margaret was hesitant, but eventually went into a back office and I could see her through a window speaking with someone who was apparently a supervisor.  Throughout this, my wallet, with credit cards, had been laying on the counter in front of me.  The supervisor came out to explain that they couldn’t reverse the charges – and suddenly Jerry was there again, handing my wallet back to me!!  When had he taken it, what had he done with it?  I had a headache!!!

And then I woke up – wanting to run for my purse and check my credit cards!  And so thankful when I realized this had all been just a dream!  And reminded that I need to always, always, always keep close tabs on my credit cards and wallet when out there shopping.

Do you give your credit card to the wait staff at a restaurant?

Do you lock your car with your wallet inside when at a gas station?

Do you make sure to get your card back and put it straight away in your wallet when at a cashier?

Yes, it was just a dream, but a dream with a lesson – I think I’ve been reminded!

Happy lessons!             Blessings, Peg


  1. We were on holidays in Phoenix, and I put my card in that folder for the waitress. She came back several minutes later with the folder, then scurried away. I opened it up to find the Visa slip for me to sign - but no Visa card! We then had to get her attention, and she had to go look for the card. She couldn't find it - it took about 10 minutes, with the waitress and the manager looking for it, before they finally found it. I was terrified - it was the only card I had with me!

    And no, they didn't offer me any discount or freebie to compensate me for the inconvenience. In fact, they didn't even apologize!

    Since then, if a restaurant doesn't have the portable card reader, I will go up to the till and pay there.

  2. I wish I'd seen this earlier today as DH misplaced/lost his credit card ... he cancelled the account and now we're contacting companies that we have automatic payments made to from our credit card.

  3. It is such a nuisance too when cards have to be replaced because of a possible compromise. Good lesson

  4. I do think that lessons can come to us in dreams and in this case it is certainly worth paying attention to!

  5. Whew! I don't even carry a credit card in my wallet unless i need it for a specific purpose -- old fashioned i guess, i use cash for all day to day puchases, inc gas. I never leave anything in my car, locked or not! Windows break easily and there goes whatever you left, the window probably costs more to replace what you left in the car....

  6. Why didn't you stay asleep long enough to find out what Jerry the Bellhop did with your credit card?! What a cliff-hanger. And now we'll never know.