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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Mail Box

Most days our mail boxes, both actual and virtual, are just boring everyday stuff.  Like bills and flyers and such-like.  Really, I appreciate our virtual mail-box more and more because that seems to be where we hear from some of those friends and family that we don’t see regularly and who don’t actually write letters anymore.

But the last few days has brought a couple of nice surprises!

First, a small package in the actual mail box.  Back in February I participated in the Grow Your Blog hop, and hosted a small give-away.  I sent off the package to the winner, and then completely forgot about it.  Then a few days ago, we brought home this small package, post-marked from the US and I was so curious!  This is what was inside:002


This beautiful hand-crafted card on its own hand-crafted stand came from Dawn of Overboard Creations.  Dawn was the winner of the Grow Your Blog give-away in February, and she thanked me with a sample of her own talent!  A treasure for sure!

Then just today, the surprise came in the virtual mail-box.  I’m going to be published!  Well, Grizz and I together.  We drafted an article about choosing, buying and outfitting an RV, and submitted it to a magazine.  They accepted the article, and it will be published in the May/June issue of RV Times.

  If you’re an RV’er you’re surely familiar with this free publication, and I believe that the next issue will be May/June, coming in a few weeks.  Believe me, I’ll be watching for it!

Happy mail!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. So...an authoress! Congratulations!
    How pretty your gift is, isn't it nice to receive lovely surprises.

  2. What a sweet gesture from Dawn! I received an unexpected gift from a bloggy friend ... I want so to be able to return the favor, but I haven't a clue what to do (and other than quilting, I have no crafty skills ... and my quilting is nowhere close to hers).

    You've been published! Wooo hoooo! You're a celebrity ... and I can say that I knew you when! ha!

  3. Lots of fun - darling card and congratulations on having your article published.

  4. Congratulations for being published, Peg. What a lovely card and how clever is that stand!

  5. I just stopped by to see what you have been up to.And I see you got published and you published me too. Oh, I know how you feel now. Published is so cool. How blessing come around in full circle. Thanks Everyone for the beautiful compliments. I am sure your garden growing beautiful and I will stop back soon.

    1. Hi Dawn - thanks for stopping by again. Unable to reply to your comment as you're 'no-reply' on email. Thanks once again for the lovely card!