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Monday, May 5, 2014

Magazine Day

It was Magazine Day at our house today.  I’m not a big magazine reader, but Grizz definitely is, so there are a lot of magazines around our house most of the time.  But today was extra special in that department.

First off, I won a magazine!  A little bit ago Elizabeth at Cornish Cream hosted a give-away of a magazine, Daphne’s Diary.  It caught my eye, so I commented, and this morning got the news that I won!

So this will apparently be winging its way to me sometime soon.

Then, we stopped at the grocery store this morning, and while checking the magazine aisle as always, there was the newest edition of RV Times, with our article highlighted in  yellow on the cover:


And inside on page 20:


We feel privileged to have our suggested article accepted, and it’s quite exciting to actually be published!

This is one magazine we’ll be keeping intact (usually I tear out articles we like to keep) alongside the fashion magazine from a number of years ago when our DS1 was posed with a model.

Some  things are just too special to throw away!

Happy magazines!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. You two are "published authors" now ... and celebrities! And I "knew" you when! ha!

  2. Hi there:) I saw that you won over at Elizabeth's blog, Cornish Cream. Congrats on winning! Also, it is so cool that you were published! I've often hoped that my husband and I could RV in the future, it looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh, get your library to sign up for Zinio. Then you can have all the magazines you want without anything to stack up and have to be thrown away. It's fabulous. And as soon as the magazine is published, you get notification that it's ready for you to read. For FREE!

  4. Visiting from Elizabeth's blog. Congratulations on winning her giveaway and getting your article published.

  5. Congrats Peg on your published article and a win of a magazine for yourself. A two for win, This looks like a lucky and bless year for you. Hope your garden will flourishes as well with abundance. Have a blessed summer.

  6. How cool is that. Published. You should frame a copy.
    I used to buy magazines regularly but haven't in years. That doesn't mean I don't have a houseful of them to get rid of though. I would never have the time to tear out...let alone make, bake or create the many great things I would want to save out of them. Time to close my eyes and just say goodbye to them.