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A Pieceful Life


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Friday, July 4, 2014


My sewing space has seen a little bit of transformationSmile

The storage base is completed and in place underneath the trunk/pressing table. BTW, on the sewing machine you can see the last of this batch of diapers being made for wee Eli expected in the fall.


And then, I found some bins that fit comfortably in the open space:


And organized some fabric:


Then, the cupboard which previously held fabric got some organization to hold project and scrap bins, and a few extras:


Baby sewing has continued almost non-stop, the latest project is bunting bags (sleep-sacks) for the fall/winter.  Two different sizes – one size for LV who is already 7 weeks, and one for Eli.  This is the first one, just needs elastic in the hem.


After these, a quilt (at last!), some bibs, and car seat cozies – oh, and finish up the diaper bag.

And speaking of changes and transformation – here’s LV at 6 weeks.  As much as she’s growing, some of her clothes are going to be a while before she  gets out of them:

212211.6 wk

Apparently LV is going through some kind of change, and doesn’t want to sleep as much as Mama and Papa would like, and then gets cranky because she’s tired.  Hoping this stage is brief for their sake, they’re getting very, very tired!

Our trailer is in for servicing today, getting ready to hit the road next week.  Grizz’ knee is well-healed and we’re comfortable that he won’t do any damage to it, so our first trip will be to Sisters, OR to take in the big quilt show and then possibly up to Alberta to see the kids!  (Squeal of excitement).

Happy changes!                      Blessings, Peg


  1. What a little pet LV is!
    Could you spare time to organise my sewing area now, please?

  2. lots of fun activity in your studio! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Sweet baby! Enjoy your trip

  4. Sounds like a PERFECT get-away ... quilt show and your kids! I'm squealing with delight along with you ... and joining in the hope that the lack of sleep spell ends soon so everyone can get some rest.

  5. An organized sewing room! Love it as well as your precious little one. Have fun on your holiday.