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Friday, July 18, 2014

Scene Along the Way

(posting a few days after the fact because internet hasn’t been easily accessible)

A few photos of some of the sites of interest we saw in our travels the last few days:

The day after the quilt show, we headed back into Sisters, OR to explore the town-site.  It very much looks like an old-west town, when the quilts are down and we could see the buildings.  This hotel is front and center:122.100 yr old hotel

With a plaque denoting its history:


Just outside of Sisters is this monument to wild horses, that speaks of the horse and rodeo activities in the area:

120.Horse sculptures

Here, too we were able to get a photo of the Sisters Mountains, for which the town is named.  It was a little clouded over (nice to not have such intense heat) so the mountains don’t stand out as clearly as they could:

121.Sisters Mtns

We drove down the road a bit and visited Bend, where there was a Summer Festival street fair happening, and we had the opportunity to see the work of many local artisans.  Bend is a much more modern-looking city, about 40 times the size of Sisters in population, with all the amenities.  On a street corner, was this sculpture:

126.Sculpture in Bend

Always, occupied, there’s still room on the bench for a weary shopper to rest for a while, and no fear of the birds ‘sharing’.


As we drove along the highways and by-ways, there was much of man and nature to make us wonder.

The bridge across the Columbia River at Briggs Junction, looking from Oregon into Washington:

130.Bridge across Columbia River looking north

A dam also on the Columbia River (have to look up to see which one this is when we get internet access again) releasing its power

132.Columbia River dam

Wind generators gathering up nature’s bounty to provide us with……TV’s, lights, microwave ovens:

131.Wind generators

Oh, the wonder of nature and technology mixed!

Wheat fields ripe for harvest:


We wondered as we passed acre after acre after acre where all this wheat was going – into flour for all the wonderful foods we enjoy, or into ethanol for gas so we can travel and see al these wonders?

Machinery at the ready:

136.Machinery at the ready

Machinery at work:


Pretty little towns with old buildings – wonder what stories they could tell?


Abandoned barns – wonder why they’re left to go to waste like this:


Historical markers – no doubt about the stories here:


Bikers – how DO they sit on those little seats hour after hour?


World’s Largest Truck – Grizz wonders if this is still true, but no matter, it’s gigantic:


Hay all baled up in the field – much different from the hay bales we used to gather when we were young:


And so, we’ve arrived in Alberta – here for a few days to play with LV and visit our kids.  As soon as I get back onto internet, I’ll post this, and the rest of the stories and pics from the Sisters’ Quilt Show.

Happy wandering and wondering!             Blessings, Peg


  1. Hi Peg, I am enjoying catching up with you tonight. I always enjoy looking at quilt shows and wonder how the judges decide what they do. I am enjoying your journey to see family and looking forward to your next post. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy family. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend.

  2. Hubby and I did that same trip almost. Field after field of those huge turbines. Aren't the old buildings interesting?
    Have fun the rest of the way

  3. You travelled through a bit of history there. The Sisters hotel is an amazing building. I have read about Lewis and Clark. I wonder if we appreciate the ease with whiich we can travel nowadays.

  4. Love the travellogue you are posting. I went to Sisters, OR several times for the quilt show, but it has been some time since I've been. Your posts bring back warm memories of those trips!