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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Adventure Almost Ended….

before it began.

We headed out this morning, first night destination Omak WA.  We had planned, we had packed, we had checked the list:

twice, three times.

And away we went!!!

As we drove, I thought ‘oh, shoot, forgot my jewelry bag – oh, well, not a big deal’.  I didn’t say anything.  A little while later as we were chatting about various RV duties that still needed to be done this first trip out, we realized that neither of us had pulled bungee cords out of the box in the garage to fasten the ladder onto the back of the trailer – again, not a big deal, we can pick up some bungee cords. 

Three hours down the road, about a half hour before our chosen border crossing


And lightening struck!!!

I’d forgotten – of all things:

There was no way on earth that we could leave Canada and enter the US without our passports.  Oh, man, what to do!!  And our reservations in Oregon for the weekend are non-refundable.

The only thing to do – go back and get them!  The bright light in this – we found a gem of a campground, terrific hosts, in the beautiful southern Okanagan.  This is a place we will visit again.  We parked the trailer, had a bite to eat and backtracked.

You should have seen the look on Sadie’s (our basset) face when she had to get in the truck the third time in one day, and after we’d just got home again!

But we got them, and the bungee cords, and my jewelry bag, and Grizz’s reflux meds……and we’re settled in for a good night’s sleep before we continue the adventure.

For sure ‘passports’ will be added to the list!

Happy adventures!               Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh Peg! That's the one thing you couldn't travel without.

  2. Oh no!! Better to have remembered them en route than at the border! ;-)

  3. As I was reading I was wondering if it was your passports. Another adventure will that will be reminisced about!

  4. Oh dear. They tend to get a little fussy at the border without those ; )

  5. Well at least it isn't boring. One time we were in Chilliwack and on the return trip - almost to the US border - we decided to get out our enchanced licenses (they allow us to pass back into the US without a passport and are included (for a nice price) in the driver's license fees. Oh no - Don's was not in his wallet - not anywhere. We had to backtrack to Chilliwack - not a long trip but worries plagued us until we pulled into the parking lot - and there it was - right on the ground next to where we had parked. How it got there we do not know -and why no one had run over it we do not know - and why no one had seen it and not picked it up and taken it to some unknown authority - we do not know - but it was a much calmer ride back to the border. Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful and Sadie gets to calm down.