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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It Was a Dull and Cloudy Day….

Sounds kind of like the beginning to a mystery story, doesn’t it!

Well, not a mystery, but I do have a story to tell – the story of our travels.  We’ve been without good internet access for a few days again, so I have been writing these tales as we’ve lived them, and they will be published as I can.

And, yes, indeed, we started out under a cloud that threatened rain, and eventually the threat came true.  But no matter, we were headed away for a few days of seeing some new countryside, and just relaxing.

Our first destination: Lumby, BC, a little east of Vernon, and a place neither of us had ever visited.  We had reservations, and a good thing we did because the little campground here is almost full of families gathered for a reunion.  After driving for most of the day, we chose to just read and play some cards for the afternoon and evening.

But our second day, we headed out to see what there was to see.

First off, a local Farmers’ Market.  It was small but the people were friendly, and selling everything from produce to baked goods to kids’ books to tools to old LP records.  We took home a miniature carrot cake to enjoy after dinner, along with a few vegetables.001.Lumby farmers' market

The local museum was a delight, and the docent was superbly knowledgeable about everything we saw.002.Museum

Imagine having your shopping list all ready written out for you:

004.shopping list

This fridge has been continuously running apparently since the day it was purchased in 1949.  Nobody else is allowed to open it, though, because there’s a trick to closing it so that it keeps running:

005.Fridge that has run continuously since 1949

We were told that a local 19-year-old come in every so often to play this organ.  He apparently didn’t speak until he was over 6 years old but from the age of 2 has been able to play any instrument that he could get his hands on, and now has a collection of 13 pianos, 16 organs and 22 accordions.  How I’d have loved to hear him play:

007.Savant plays this organ

Then it was out to the ‘town’ of Cherryville.  The word ‘town’ is used loosely, because all we found was two convenience stores and an Artisans’ Market.  But we enjoyed wandering among the artisans’ booths to see the usual clothing, jewelry, woodwork, soap, and more home baked goods.006008

We’d been told that Lumby is on the edge of pot-growing country, and we shouldn’t be surprised at anything we see.  Well, we now have evidence that hippies are alive and well in this area:


Happy travels!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your travels.

  2. What a fun trip - loved the farmers' market and the artisans' booths. And I just love love love that hippie camper, and you know me, if I had a camper that is just how I would paint it. Thanks for sharing the trip. We keep meaning to wander up into Canada - one of these days we will actually get back up there - since it really isn't any farther than going to places like Camano Island. Have fun!!!

  3. Hey, you were up in my neck of the woods. Glad to hear that you had a good time.