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Monday, August 11, 2014

It WAS a Super Moon

Yesterday we heard on the news that there was to be a Super Moon last night, a moon that would be 30% bigger and brighter than normal because it is at its closest to earth for the month.  Because it was a clear day, and sure to be a clear evening, we set our clocks so as not to miss it!

It was indeed super bright, so bright it actually made the sky look grey rather than black.  Unfortunately we don’t have a camera that shows the mountains just below the moon.

On first zooming, this is the picture we could get:


Then we zoomed in as far as we could:


Can you see the expression on Old Man Moon’s face? (Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t)

Oh, the wonders of nature!                    Blessings, Peg


  1. Our moon was certainly very bright last night.

  2. Fabulous. We were too tired last night to wait up - we have to wait quite a few hours because of all the trees nearby - we could see it through the trees and went peacefully to sleep.

  3. Great pics! The trees were blocking the view from my deck and I was just too lazy to move. LOL.

  4. I heard about the super moon but didn't make it outside to look ...

  5. Great pic! It was too cloudy here the last week to see any moon.