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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Our very last stop on the trip home was at my parents’ new place.  There was a few things they needed some help with, including stacking their washer/dryer.  It was good to see them settling in, and getting things sorted out.

We scored big time there as well.  The apricot tree in the back yard was literally dripping with fruit (they had to toss several boxes that had fallen on the ground and started to rot).


The guys picked and handed down their small containers for me to put in the boxes – we brought home about 40 lb, and that made only a small dent in the tree.


And we’ll be eating apricot preserves and jam all winter:


The other score there was another baby quilt that a friend made, this one for little Eli:

073.Eli's blanket

Perfect colors for the baby’s room.

Happy pickin’s                           Blessings, Peg

PS – now that we’re home for a while, I plan to spend the time this week catching up on your blog posts, see what I missed while we’ve been away.


  1. love jam and beautiful baby quilt

  2. Wow - what a treat - all those apricots - one of my favorites. We are headed out to Joe's Gardens this afternoon - I think I will have to get me some apricots. I might even get enough for jam - I think I'll just cut them in half and freeze them until cooler weather returns - who wants to make jam in the heat? Not me. Darling quilt!

  3. We had an apricot tree in France and it was such a joy to have all the fruit. I made jam, and froze lot of the fruit to use in desserts for the Winter.

  4. Oh so lucky! Hubby and I were at the fruit stand today (only open in summer and they bring up fresher produce than the grocery stores have) desperately seeking some B.C. peaches. We did buy two but they are already starting to bruise and who knows if they will have any flavour.

  5. Welcome home! The apricots look good. We have a tree on the boulevard that we tend but while I was at work, someone picked them all! I was robbed!

  6. Yay for apricot preserves through the winter!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  7. Thanks for the tip on The Saskatoon Farm, Peg. We went out there today, and had a lovely lunch. It was BUSY, though!!