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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing for Fun

When we got back from our trip, my sewing machine was ready and waiting to be picked up from the LQS where it had gone for its annual tune-up.  I could hardly wait to get back to creating.

First task was to make a cover/stand for the new iPad that our kids had given us:DSCN1074DSCN1072

The pattern is by the Inspired Wren, free on Craftsy.  I did make some changes – instead of a button, I put in an elastic loop on the flap.  Then I made the end of the flap narrower, and added a couple of pieces of Velcro to it and on the front of the cover, so that when the iPad is propped up, the flap angle won’t slip.

Then I started to tackle my scraps bin.  I tend to cut scraps into 2 1/2” strips, which will lend to 2 1/2” squares for future projects.  This seems to be the most common size of strips and squares that I use. 

First project up, a Jelly Roll 1600, quilt top done in just a few hours:002

Now I have strips and other bits laid out, trying to decide what I want to do next:001

When we were cleaning out the truck after our trip and before lending it to DS-K for use in getting his house cleaned up, I came across a bag that didn’t look familiar.  Grizz looked at it and said he had no idea what was in it, and then we checked it out.  Well, it was a Christmas gift for me that he had bought when we were in Sisters, OR a couple of months ago.  He’d tucked it away, and then completely forgot about it.  So, for the winter ahead, I have something to keep me occupied for a few days anyway:DSCN1071

Looking forward to that one!

Happy sewing and quilting                                 Blessings, Peg


  1. How wonderful to be able to run off a quilt top in a few hours. You are so focussed!

  2. It sounds like you are ready to get back to sewing. Love the "surprise" christmas gift.

  3. We love working puzzles in the winter ... need to find one with quilts on it! ;-)

  4. Oh that is so funny. Merry Christmas to you lol. We did that with a birthday gift for one of our sons once. Came in from the store and stuck a back with a birthday gift up on top of the fridge downstairs so he wouldn't see it.
    Of course I forgot about it and of course being only 5 feet tall I never saw it again until years later when I was on a stool pulling something else down.