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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hotel Adventures

Going to a hotel, especially one of a chain, one expects to sleep well, be warm and comfortable, move freely about the hotel premises, and go home relaxed and refreshed.

Well, this past month, we’ve had opportunity to stay at two different hotels, in two different cities, and the experiences have left us wondering about this world

First, late August, we were treated to a hotel room courtesy of the Calgary Highland Games committee.  A nice room, we slept well, and got up in time in the morning to pack up and be ready to check out before we headed out for breakfast – planning to return after to get our bags.  As we stepped into the hallway, we were met by a police officer who directed us quickly and quietly away from the elevator and toward a stair well.  If this wasn’t enough to have us wondering, we saw a few more police around the building, and then when we tried to return to our room, we were not allowed on that floor.  Period.  No discussion.

By this time, many of the police were in full SWAT gear, something like the picture below:

They even had one of those little camera thingies that looks like a vacuum cleaner so they could put a wire under a door to see what was going on inside. 

The hotel staff were more than gracious, extended our ‘stay’ well into the evening at no extra cost to us or to the Games committee, and we headed off to the field for the day.  During the day we heard some rumors about a ‘cheating’ spouse and a person threatening with a gun.  When we returned to the hotel, we received a letter explaining that a domestic dispute had required police presence, all parties involved were arrested, and nobody was injured.  As we checked out, the staff told us that, in fact, they knew nothing of the incident until police arrived in the morning.

Then this past weekend, we were in another hotel for a wedding.  We checked in, found a lovely room with a Jacuzzi tub, got changed and headed out for the celebrations.

We returned fairly early as we had our nearly-due pregnant DDIL-K with us and my parents, and they were ready to call it a night.

We stepped in, took shoes off, and Grizz said ‘what’s going on?  I just got dripped on!’  We looked up: 

We reported to the hotel desk

And requested another room.  Sadly for us – good for them – the hotel was full to capacity, and they had to move us to another hotel.  Again, staff was gracious and helpful, but not what we expected to be doing.

Ahh, adventures!                      Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh my word! Two frightening experiences, both of which you could have done without.

  2. Wow - the first incident must have been a bit scary. It sounds like a scene in a movie.

  3. What "interesting" experiences! Was the second hotel ok?

    Thankfully our hotel stop on our most recent trip wasn't as "interesting".

  4. Wow. Quite the experiences. Domestic disputes often end badly. I am glad everyone got out okay.
    Sounds like there may have been too many people enjoying the upstairs jacuzzi tub causing some overflow into your room below lol.

  5. Wow - excitement is not what I expect or want at a motel - but at least you were well taken care of - and not in the line of fire.

  6. Crazy! My recent stays were quite dull. I guess dull is good.

  7. although a rather terrifying experience with a swat team on board, i am only glad to see those guys in this day and age ... no messing around anymore !
    i hope your last hotel room proved to be comfortable and quiet :)
    staying home for a while ? ;)

  8. Wow! Hotels are interesting places, aren't they? You should try staying in one that thinks doing renovations over night is a good idea! It really isn't! Glad everything turned out okay in the domestic dispute and that you were able to find a dry room at the other hotel. I had visions of someone in a bathtub from the room above you dropping through the ceiling and landing in your room. It's funny. But it's not!