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Friday, October 31, 2014

It’s Friday, Oct 31

Yes, Halloween, not my favorite day of the year, not sure why, don’t want to analyze it right now.  But basically I resent jumping out of my easy chair every few minutes for 2-3 hours to hand out candy.

But let’s not dwell on that.  It’s the end of the month, and I have to admit that I have no starts or finishes to report this month.  We were away for half the month (playing with grandchildren so a wonderful time), then spent several days dealing with head colds.  Back to normal now, but heading away in a few days to play with those grandchildren again.

There is a rescue quilt on Big Bertha right now, will pick away at that for the next while. 


And there’s Christmas ornaments and stockings to make.  And Christmas gifts to buy.  And Christmas baking to do.  This picture was posted on FB this morning – a little bit of inspiration:Christmas Bark Cookie Crunch

It’s amazing how quickly Christmas comes after Halloween – somebody has been reporting the number of Fridays for a few weeks now, and after today there are only 7 left.  Yikes!

Now Christmas, that’s probably my favorite day of the year, celebrating our Lord’s birth, family, friends, loving and giving.  And this year, we’ll have one grandchild in the house on the day, the second one arriving a few days later, so we’ll have both of them here at the same time.  Now that’s worth celebrating!

Speaking of celebrations, we’re going to celebrate a few birthdays this weekend, a bit of catch-up as well as celebrating ahead because we just haven’t been able to plan for anything near the actual dates.  It’ll be good times with family and friends – and aren’t those just the best of times!

Happy celebrations!  And if you’re a Halloween celebrator, Happy Halloween to you!                        Blessings, Peg


  1. I love Halloween - the cute kids at the door - giving out candy - all the fun stuff. Unfortunately we don't get many trick or treaters any more - used to have over 100 and that was fun fun fun. I love all the holiday fun coming up - getting hungry for that leftover turkey sandwich - yummmm.

  2. I try to avoid Halloween. We go out for dinner so only get a few little people early on. Have a great week end

  3. I enjoy the dressing up part of Halloween but not the jumping up out of my recliner to answer the door to dole out the candy. I wonder if I could put the bowl of candy out on the front stoop with a note? ha! Enjoy your birthday celebrations!

  4. Had to chuckle....hubby can hardly wait for November 1..... he would like to ban Oct 31....... Pretty quilt....