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Monday, December 8, 2014

Adventures in Electricity

We finished the bedrooms!  Painted and new floors, fresh and clean and tidy, even found things we hadn’t seen in a long time, and managed to ‘recycle’ fairly effectively.

While doing the spare room, we had things piled up in our bedroom.  Then while working on our bedroom, we slept in the spare room, piling stuff up in the family room and dining room.  It was a mess!  But well worth it.  I’m sorry I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures, but here’s the result:


Still a little work to do with curtains and some shelving, but essentially complete.

When we got to putting the master bedroom back together again, we of course were moving things like lamps and alarm clock.  Unplugging the alarm clock meant that the display went blank, but the battery would keep the ‘clock’ running until it was plugged in again.  Except that, when we plugged in the clock, there was no display.  Oh, brother, we wondered what could have happened in the 30 feet between bedroom plugs.  Then we discovered that that particular plug wasn’t working at all.  Okay, so take the cover off and see if we can discover any immediate concerns, like paint on the connection or something.  Nothing to be seen.  So we started checking a couple of other plugs.  ALL the plugs, both rooms were dead.  So out to the breaker box to see if there’s any apparent problems.  The ARC fault (not really sure what that means) was blown, wouldn’t reset.  We tried everything we knew to do, and were at the point of deciding we needed to find an electrician – really too bad our DSIL-J is so far away!  One last attempt – unplug everything from all the plugs and see if we can reset the breaker. 

It worked!  The breaker reset, we plugged in one appliance at a time, testing each as we plugged them in, all is good!  So we now have TV, digital box, internet modem, computer, printer, bedside lamps, alarm clock all working again.  Amazing to us that whatever caused that breaker to turn off, it only affected the plugs in those rooms.  The light switches all still worked throughout.

Electricity not being something that Grizz likes to play with, we were a little nervous, but all is well in the end.  And we have nice bright bedrooms once again with lovely laminate flooring.

Happy renos!                    Blessings, Peg


  1. Your rooms look delightful. Electricity can be a worry, but glad you got it sorted out.

  2. Your rooms look great! I am nervous about electricity as well and I don't even like changing light bulbs. My husband is an electrical engineer and just doesn't understand!

  3. Your rooms look fabulous! Glad you got the electrical problem resolved without having to pay an electrician. $$$