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Monday, January 26, 2015


Where has the time gone?  When did it get to be almost the end of January already?  Why has it been over a month since I last posted here?  How have I been filling my time?

I keep saying I should post, and then get distracted, and the next thing I know the day is gone – again!  And as time passed, I began to wonder if I really want to keep on blogging.  But I don’t want to lose touch with friends out there in blogger-land, and I really have been taking a peek at least now and again to see what you’re all up to.

So what have I been doing?  Well a lot of stuff and a lot of nothing!  Really, some of my days have just been lazy, and I think it’s a bit of a reaction to all the busyness of Christmas and being able to just relax.

But when I look around, I see projects underway and projects completed.  Like our spare room.  Before Christmas, we got the walls painted and new flooring down in both bedrooms.  That was enough for then, but we got back to it after everybody went home. 

Now the spare bedroom has some new cupboards:

001.Bedroom cupboards

And I filled them up, too!  Which made for more, and tidier, space in our large storage closet.

Then yesterday, we got my new design wall done:001

Before this, I had a flannel sheet hung on a rod, and before that a flannel sheet tacked right to the wall.  Both worked okay, but pinning larger pieces on was a pain putting the pins through the fabric sideways.  And lots of times blocks would fall off if they weren’t pinned and I’d lose track of where they belonged.  So some on-line research and chats with pals and we went out and got a sheet of foam insulation, cut it up and reconfigured it to this 5x6 board.  You can see the tape underneath the flannel.  When we started I thought that the tape would only be on the back, but that wasn’t stable enough, so it had to go on both sides.  I knew we’d be able to see it, but didn’t think it would be quite so noticeable.  The pieces of tape at the top, are to strengthen the foam where the nails go through to attach it to the wall.  Now I have to decide if I can live with this or if I want to find some black flannel.  For now it’s just nice to have a design wall up (and one where I can just poke the pins straight in like a bulletin board).  And maybe this will get me going on some of the quilt projects I have in mind.

We also got wine bottled that we had started before Christmas, so now our wine cupboard is full again.

I had no quilting projects left over from last year, so as far as quilting goes, it’s a fresh start – want to do a couple of applique wall-hangings, and make a new quilt for our trailer, and do a quilt for our DS-K and DDIL-M’s new house.  The fabrics for the trailer quilt are all waiting for me to get going.  Other projects on the go: a couple of knit Christmas stockings that were a request; a cross-stitch village that I had actually hoped to finish before Christmas but….; a candle mat kit that was a gift.  Then there’s some receiving blankets to make for our church mission layettes, and some bibs for the grandkids.  So the hands aren’t actually idle, just not quilting right now.

As far as blogging goes – I’m going to aim for at least once a week, and hope that I can keep that up.  For now, time to go for a walk.

Happy new beginnings!             Blessings, Peg


  1. How busy you have been!
    I always found that a thick sheet of polystyrene board was easy to pin fabric to.

  2. Well it does sound like you've been busy, for sure. I like the new design wall - they are just so handy when setting up a quilt. I'll be looking forward to seeing some of the other projects as you move along wit them.

  3. Good for you for getting a "real" design wall. I wish I had one ... but I have no wall space for one. :-( So I use my design floor. ha!

  4. Happy new year! Sometimes stepping back is good for a rest. The world keeps turning without us posting to our blogs ; )
    For my design wall, I pinned a huge piece of batting to my wall. Things just stick to it with no problem : )

  5. I read your posts in the wrong order but it's nice to see a little more of your guest room. Where is your design wall? I don't have one yet, but hope to this year sometime.