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Friday, February 13, 2015

Best Laid Plans

I started the week with all kinds of ideas of things I wanted to get done.  First up, was a search for a missing item – that I never did find, BTW.  Searching meant looking through drawers and cupboards, which led to cleaning out the linen closet.  Great!  Not on my list, but wonderful to have done.  It’s amazing the things we do find at times like this, though.  Like this little wall-hanging that I did a number of years ago:


Really not sure why it was taken down, but it will be hung up again in the next day or so (Right now propped against my serger).

Anyway, just as I finished the closet, I bent over for something (not holding anything heavy, or planning on picking up anything), but my back went into spasm.  Big time!  This lead to several hours of heat and anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxants.

Thankfully, by Tuesday morning, I was a lot better, but still a little stiff, so another day of taking it easy.  While lolling around, I picked up my x-stitch project with plans to see if I could get it finished.  Well, it’s just not coming together to my liking.  Here’s a glimpse:003

The project is a small village – each building is only 2-3” high.  I’ve tried several ways to attach the roofs, but nothing is looking really good (this is the best of the lot so far.  So I’ve set this aside for another time in the future when I’ve done some more thinking about it.

By Wednesday I was back to almost full steam ahead, and got working on a couple of quilt projects…..pressing fabrics, cutting, figuring out yardage…..  BTW, how many yards of fabric would one plan on for a king-size log cabin quilt, cutting 1 1/2” strips?  Every time I figure it out, I think I’m coming up with 1.5-2 times the fabric I think should be needed.

But I eventually got one project complete:


These Christmas stockings will eventually go to DD-A and her family, to add to the one I made for her a number of years ago.

All the while I was nursing my back and picking away at the small things, Grizz was moving forward with getting the main bath painted and installing the new toilet there.  That’s done!  And yesterday was a day of putting everything back in place.  We officially have an old people’s house now, complete with senior-height toilets and lever handles on all our doors!

Oh, and BTW, that little spoon that I was wondering about in my last post:002

A reader, Barbara, from Maryland searched the web (why didn’t I think of that?) and found an ad on eBay for a spoon just like it.  It was called a fruit spoon/tomato corer.  So there we are, now we know!

Yes, plans made and plans changed, but still getting things done!  Isn’t it lovely!                    Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh I'm glad your back wasn't any worse. I have been doing some sewing with house work in between - not moving fast or doing much - but it has been a nice week. Don has four days off - not sure what we'll do - but for sure some rides in the country if the sun shines.

  2. A log cabin quilt? I can NOT wait to see it! I love, love, love log cabin quilts!