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Friday, February 6, 2015

Done, Done, and Not Done

Well, here it is the end of the week again.  Some of the jobs I intended to do got done, others didn’t, yet others that weren’t planned got attention.

We painted our ensuite bath and installed a new toilet.  That meant that the cupboard and drawers got a cleaning, as did the grout on the tile floor (not planned, but good to have out of the way).  And bought curtains and rods for the master bedroom window and got them hung up (done but not planned):


I had hoped to finish up a cross-stitch project this week, but that didn’t happen, maybe next week.  I did finish the basics of a knitting project, now need to block it and embellish, and sew together – another one that I thought I might finish up, but didn’t.

What I did finish, that was planned, was this little project:005

Small, simple, but oh, my it took a long time!  These racks will be handy for us when we’re playing Dominoes or Rummy-O. So, in the end the count is 1 planned and done; 2 not planned and done; 2 planned and not done.  Not so bad!

Now making plans to move forward with some quilting projects.  Last weekend our DDIL-M showed me her ideas for the quilt I’d like to do for their new home.  And I have a couple of wall-hangings and a quilt for our trailer and a quilt for donation planned.

And in between the bathroom job and needlework, I’ve been gathering information to help my parents decide on the next stage in their lives.  They’ve agreed to move to our area which is a huge relief for us – no more worrying that they’ll need some help and we can’t get to them because the roads are closed (they live about 3 hours away across 2 mountain passes). 

Today, more information gathering, including a trip to the bank, and helping DS-K with some jobs around their house.

For the coming week, going to see if I can get the knitting and cross-stitch projects finished up – and we’re going to tackle the main bath!

So happy to get things done!               Blessings, Peg


  1. Ok I need to know how to make those Rummy-O holders!! Ours are all breaking!!!.... I'm waiting for hubby to make wooden ones...but I might get them done sooner than him:)) haha

  2. Well, planned or not - you've still gotten a lot done. I love the looks of the new curtains.

  3. Goodness you did have a busy week Im not surprised there were some jobs that didnt get done!