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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Diapers, Diapers Everywhere

It’s been awhile, but it’s been a busy while.

We spent 2 weeks in March in Alberta, visiting kids and playing with grandkids, babysitting, finishing basement renos, playing with grandkids, sewing some on a quilt project, playing with grandkids, shopping for diaper fabric, painting a toy box, playing with grandkids….you get the picture.  It was a wonderful time!!!

LV at 10 months is crawling everywhere – and fast! – wants to walk so you don’t dare let her get hold of your fingers or you’re off and running, loves her food, and is trying to talk.


LW at 5 months is just getting ready to start trying out some of those foods (you should see his face when he’s on your lap at meal-time – he wonders why that food isn’t going into his mouth), and took to his Jolly Jumper like a pro.109

We came home 2 weeks ago and spent our first week doing some more garage reorganization – all is neat and tidy out there now, want to build a little more shelving which will probably wait until the fall.  There are spring things to do around the house now.

The second week, I got started on the diapers.  Both babies are ready for the next size up.  So this is what you see around our house now:

A little pile of diapers just waiting for the last of the snaps:071

A pile of diapers sewn, waiting for elastic:072

Piles of cut-out diapers:073

Marathon sewing session with LV’s other grandmother coming up this evening!

So, needless to say quilting has been set aside (again).  But I’ll get back to it!

Happy baby sewing!         Blessings, Peg


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time in Alberta...we are heading there now!... Sewing diapers are fun!! It's been years since mine have needed them!!

  2. The babies are growing so fast - next thing you know they will be 13 - it is amazing how fast it goes. Our grandsons are now 13, 10 and almost 4. And every step along the way is great fun.

  3. Good to hear spring has sprung. Looking good Grandma projects all done.

  4. Love the colourful diapers - especially the camo ones! Such fun to play with the little ones. My two are so busy with their extra-curricular activities, school and friends that I barely see them these days.