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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, June 8, 2015


No, not a sports score, but I scored big time when we moved my parents.

They’d been living in the basement suite at my sister’s house, but my sister and brother-in-law don’t live there right now as their jobs have taken them elsewhere.  My young niece is living in the house, but we found our parents were fussing over the house and trying to take care of the grand-daughter (even though she’s an adult).  And it really was too much for them.

It took us a while, but we persuaded them that they needed to live closer to one of us, and because most of my siblings live in northern BC, it was most reasonable that they move near to Grizz and me.  That move was accomplished just a few days ago.

The evening before we headed to start the move, my sister e-mailed and said she had a box of dishes that had belonged to our paternal grandmother, and that she no longer had use for them, and if I wanted to please take them.  How could I refuse?


It’s British Empire Ware Devon Rose, about 70 years old now, an almost complete set of 8 place settings.  I remember eating from these dishes when I was a child visiting at my grand-parents’.  For me, an absolute treasure!

Also in the box was a small leather box with a pipe of my grandfather’s in it and a pair of sock garters that he used.  Not useful, but memories for me.  

AND…..there was also a small metal ‘trunk’ (about 3x4x3 inches) that used to stand on a shelf in our family kitchen when I was growing up.  It had belonged to my mother from her childhood, and had held little treasures of our childhoods.  When I showed it to my mother, she told us the story of how she got it when her brother found it and she cried until her mother made him give it to her.  Again, memories.  My mother said she was happy for me to have it if my sister no longer had any use for it. 

Happy treasured memories!    Blessings, Peg


  1. What fun - I love that pattern. And the funny thing is that I got some very similar dishes this weekend at a yard sale. There was absolute JUNK at the sale - except for the dishes. There were not as many pieces as you got - but a good start. There were 2 dinner places, 8 flat sou bowls, 6 berry bowls and 6 luncheon plates. I have them in the kitchen right now - ready to be hand washed.

    You are lucky to have such wonderful memories - enjoy!!

  2. Lovely treasures and family heirlooms!