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Sunday, June 28, 2015


While camping (our kids say what we do isn’t camping, but while RV-ing may be a new ‘word’ it just doesn’t sound right to me) last week at Squamish, we took a day to visit Whistler.

Many memories for us at this lovely mountain village/ski resort, but not skiing or hiking.

About 30 years ago our DS-J had just started to BMX race, when the World Championships were held at Whistler, on this very hill:003

The moguls weren’t nearly as big, and there was no chairlift then, but we were thrilled to see our first-timer take 7th place (of about 60 riders in his age group).

Now the chair lift of course takes skiers up during the winter, but in summer, mountain-bikers use it:


The bikes go up on their own specially fitted lifts, and the bikers follow, then coast down the mountain, probably on the ski runs.

Whistler is a lovely village, and we enjoyed our stroll through, and visiting some of the shops:


On our way back to the campground, we stopped at the Whistler Olympic Park (Winter Olympics were held here in 2010):010


It was kind of a sad sight as there were very few people there, and absolutely no activity.  Signs said ‘open to the public June 28-Sept 6’ but we weren’t sure what the public was supposed to do there, other than maybe visit the restaurant which might or might not be part of the opening a day or two after our visit.  There was indication that lessons and rentals would be available for winter activities, but certainly none of that happening in summer.  Considering that the Calgary Olympic Park is busy all year, we wondered why there wasn’t something similar set up here.  And then we realized that COP is just outside the city, and clearly visible and easily accessible from the highway, where WOP is 9 km off the highway, the turnoff 7 km outside of Whistler itself.  So it’s a bit of a trek to get there.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our visit, reveled in our memories, and found the changes and improvements to the area interesting to see.

Happy touring.               Blessings, Peg


  1. I haven't been up to Whistler in years. It seems to have some great years with year round business and others it falls quiet. With the American dollar climbing back up again you would think it would be busy all year. Do you think they have priced themselves out of the local market?

  2. When we went to Whistler a few years ago the BMX race was just ending - the riders were walking through town with their special shoes on - and carrying their bikes on one shoulder. We wondered why they didn't ride their bikes through town after the race was over.

    Very sad to see Olympic Villages go to waste - what a shame. I've read many articles that tell of all that money spent and then the villages are left to rot and fall down.

  3. Sad to think of all that money being put into the Olympic things, and not being used.