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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Isn't Life Interesting

We were away from home for 2 weeks, visiting kids and grands, family and friends.  It was a wonderful time away.  During that time, our internet access was sketchy at best (except when we were at somebody's home, but then our purpose there was not to play with a computer - or write blogs posts - but rather to visit and enjoy our time with these wonderful folk), and mostly actually non-existent.

Needless to say, no blogging was happening, either.

Just about the time you think life has settled into a nice, comfortable pattern.....

We arrived home a week ago, and spent the first couple of days getting the trailer all cleaned up, laundry done, yard tidied up, paying bills, making sure that life was in order the way it should be.

Last Saturday morning, as I was catching up with emails and doing some general stuff on the computer.........it died!  I mean really dead!  Never to be resurrected.  It wouldn't even accept power.

So off to the computer store we went, because our whole lives are on the computer.  After much discussion, and angst over the prices, we decided to go for the gusto and get a MacBook.  Now there's a learning curve!  We'd pretty well mastered the iPad, and even worked out how to move pictures over from the computer without too much stress.  But this!  Holy cow!  This is a whole new world!
Image result for macbook air
We've had this lovely little, light-weight in our home now for two whole days, and I thought this morning that I'd sit down and write a blog post.  For years, I've been using Windows Live Writer, and love it!  But apparently WLW doesn't talk to MacBooks.  So I'm reduced to writing a blog post right in Blogger - I feel like an alien here.

I did spend some time searching for a blog-writing program for Macs, but no success, at least not without spending some money.  And, yes, it's not huge money, but still what if I don't like the program?  Should Apple not keep up with Windows and make something available without cost?  Come on - these computers cost a lot, surely there's a program out there somewhere.....

Sometimes, I think life could be a little less interesting, and I'd be happy(ier).   Blessings, Peg


  1. I feel your pain. A new computer, never mind a new operating system, is enough to drive a person crazy. I'm sure once you are used to it, you'll love your Mac.

  2. That learning curve is what persuaded me to go with another Windows computer when I replaced mine earlier this spring. Good luck with getting everything all figured out.