A Pieceful Life

A Pieceful Life


I'm so glad that you stopped by, and hope that you enjoy your visit. Here you will find pieces of my life - quilting, cross-stitch, family, travel, friends.
My name is Peg - I am a 60ish wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend - and if we're not already related or friends, hope to become your friend too.
We live in the eastern end of the beautiful Fraser Valley, about 1.5 hours east of Vancouver, BC. Empty nesters, we have one son living just a few minutes away, our other son and daughter live in Alberta.
Comments are always welcome, always read - and answered if need be. Feel free to share, I love hearing from all my cyber-space friends.
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Family Pieces

Our family - we've been blessed with three wonderful children by birth, and three fabulous children who married into our family.

Our eldest - DS-J started early lifting weights in training for throwing discus and shotput, and discovered he was lifting heavier in training than others his age were lifting in competition.  So he entered Powerlifting competitions, competing internationally, and set several world records.  He discovered Scottish Heavy Events when he was about 22, and excelled at that sport as well, retiring from competition for a few years in his early 30's due to an injury.  He is back at competing again and is also involved with the sport, helping others attain their goals in competition as an advisor/trainer, and assists at times with judging the events. J is a welder/fabricator by trade, working for a company in Calgary, Alberta.  He and his wife, K, are new parents in October of 2014, and he will be an at-home dad for at least a few months.

DDIL-K is a veterinarian, moved to Alberta from Nova Scotia.  In her practice she treats all sizes of animals, but says she'd prefer not to deal with horses, especially the race-horses that are prevalent in Alberta, because they're too unpredictable.  Apparently, though, she's perfectly comfortable doing Cesarean sections on cows!  K loves animals of course, and has her own rescue greyhound, Sadie (creates a little confusion when we have our Sadie along on our visits).  She loves the outdoors, and is also into fitness.  J and K married in Nova Scotia in a beautiful church ceremony, which gave us an excuse to do another cross-country trip.

The first pic below is K in the operating theatre (on the left) and in the second pic she's apparently enjoying Stampede time in Calgary:

As I said above, J and K became first-time parents in October 2014.  LW weighed in at a whopping 10 lb 11 oz, and is generally a content, happy baby.  The first pic is at Day 3, the second pic he's 4 weeks old

Our darling daughter A - a beauty, full of vim and vigor.  As a little girl she was always surrounded by friends, and that hasn't changed in her adult life.  She's a true social Butterfly.  Taking dance and modelling classes in her growing-up years, just added to her grace and classy look.  She's an interior designer, which perfectly suits her artistic abilities - and you should see her house!  I don't know how she manages to have everything blend, but she does.  Travel is one of her loves, and she's managed to visit many, many parts of the world.  A enjoys life and isn't afraid to let the world know when she's having fun - and will dress up to suit the occasion.

A married J in a glorious ceremony and 5-day party in the Dominican Republic in November, 2009. They actually went to high school together, but only met up again about 10 years after graduation.  Their love of life, and joy in family and friends makes them a perfectly suited couple.

DSIL-J loves surfing, actually one of his passions.  He's been a world traveler, much of his travel to surfing locations, once surprising his brother for a birthday by joining him in Bali.  He's also a sports fan - hockey and football being favorites.  He's a Calgary Flames and Seattle Seahawks fan so living in Calgary is perfect, and the occasional trip to Seattle are extra-special for him.  He's an electrician/electrical engineer by trade, and very handy around the house and with cars, too!

A and J wanted nothing more than to be parents, almost from minute one of their marriage.  They had twins, Piper and Emme, born at just 20 weeks in 2012.  They of course were just too wee to survive, but are forever in our hearts as our first grandchildren.  In May of 2014, LV was born, and has been a pure delight for all of us right from the start.

4 weeks:

8 weeks:

4 months:

6 months:

 DS-K, our youngest, is the one who's always laughing.  There's a rare picture of him without a smile on his face.  As a youngster, he got into soccer, at one time playing on four different teams all at the same time. He played until he was in his early 20s, and did a little refereeing, but then began coaching.  He's coached various levels and age-groups, and is now sought after by the leagues, parents and players alike.  In high school, he was involved also with helping special needs students, then went on to work part-time as a care-giver during his university years.  It's no surprise that he's a social worker now.

K married M in a beautiful garden ceremony right here near home in 2008:

DDIL-M has been a student for almost all of the years that we've known her, and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Occupation Therapy.  A beautiful young woman with a lot of class, she has lots of fun when she can get away from the books.  Born in Bosnia, her family fled that country during the war years, living for a time in Germany before coming to Canada when she was 11.  All of that upheaval has not pulled her down at all, but rather has given her a unique and clear view of the world, and a heart for the poor, the needy - and particularly children.  Her goal: to be an occupational therapist working with children.

The father of this brood:  Grizz.   He earned that nick-name at work, not sure if because of the beard or because he could be a bear at times.  But as often as he can growl, he's the most caring, loving father and husband!   He was always there for everything that our children did - dance recitals, track and field, soccer games, weight-lifting, you name it.  He's out there watching DS-K coach soccer, and assists with judging at Heavy Events while DS-J competes as well.  And he takes care of me - does the heavy housework, and most of the cooking!!  And he likes to cook gourmet, so our meals are often fabulous.    We enjoy traveling in our trailer, as well as some cruising and other types of vacations.  This first pic is toasting our new trailer.  In the second pic, he's the judge on the left measuring a throw.  

 And last, but not least - our pets.  Sadie is the most gentle basset, suits our lazy life-style to a tee.

Tobin was our calico cat - we lost her to a stroke in 2014, and she's missed dearly.  As she was getting up in age, she spent much of her time sleeping, and liked best if she could find a pile of clothing or clean laundry to curl up in.